Objective: Introduce paperless procedures and simplify data exchange for the trade and transport of fruits and vegetables.

Players involved:
  • MGI,
  • SESIN (information system consultancy firm),
  • SRCI,
  • Mediterranean-Pyrenees Multimodal Hub (MP2) and Saint Charles International SNIFL fruit and vegetable bulk-breaking centre,
  • AFNET (French NET Users Association),
  • Laboratory for IT, Data Processing and Systems (LITIS).


Trade documents (certificate of origin, certificate of conformity, phytosanitary pass, delivery slip and other trade documents) for perishable commodities will be processed in electronic form.

Goods will therefore be delivered more quickly and will be tracked throughout the various stages of flow, administrative and regulatory management.

The pilot phase will involve one port hub and one North African country.

Technology used: EDI/XML, web services.

The role of MGI is to:

  • Identify user needs in terms of simplified and paperless trade documents
  • Create a platform for the management of data flows

SEETFEL is financed by the French government as part of the Investissement d'Avenir investment programme, following a call for smart transport projects.