Integrate operations via EDI for small transport businesses. Road transport appointment system for goods collection from ports.

Players involved:

  • TTPNF, Land Transport Promotion Northern France
  • GLS, IT solutions provider for road transport
  • Effisys, e-commerce logistics software publisher
  • TLF, French federation of transport and logistics companies
  • Chrono service, a company specialising in paperless IT and logistics documents and archives for transport operators.
  • MGI

MGI's role:

  • Contributeits supply chain expertise
  • Help transport operatorsand their clients access information onAP+ so that they can pick up goods at the best time
  • Serve as the EDI service operator and provider


  • Paperless international and domestictransport documents
  • Goods and vehicle tracking:from entry of the goods list into a Cargo Community System to order management on an e-commerce platform.
  • Calculation, inclusionand sharing of data onCO2 and greenhouse gas emissions

Noscifel offers the following:

  • Conversion of EDI messages to meet international standards and end-to-end management of EDI transactions, includingtranslation, conversion, transcoding, routing, monitoring and archiving.
  • An appointment system that prevents transport operators having to wait on the docks
  • Consolidation and break bulk functionalities
  • A service that brings together and consolidates the various goods reference systems.

Technology used:

  • EDI, Edifact, XML

Some members of the Noscifel project are contributing to work by the standardisation body, UN/CEFACT - the United Nations Centre for Trade Facilitation and Electronic Business.