Galena, is a collaborative project coordinated by Trivizor. It was selected by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 programme's call for Galileo projects.


Optimising package transit during the final delivery phase by using a hybrid PVT (Position, Velocity, Time) solution combined with Cargo Community Systems(CCS) such as AP+ or Ci5. The solution will improve traffic in urban areas and save energy.

The shipper, final goods recipient, carriers and handlers will have access to timely information on goods.


8 partners, 5 countries.


  • A GPS receiver for the satellite positioning of goods when outdoors (in transit), supplied by Galileo.
  • Wi-Fi positioning sensor for goods when indoors (in warehouses), supplied by ZigBee.
  • Coordination of goods management processes using the Cargo Community System, regardless of the mode of transport.
  • Optimisation of package transit throughout the final transport phase by tracking goods once in urban distribution centres.
  • Secure goods transfer operations between the various stakeholders.


  • Satellite positioning, supplied by Galileo (European satellite system)
  • Barcode
  • Wi-Fi positioning for indoor goods, supplied by ZigBee

MGI's role

  • Share information from Cargo Community Systems to better manage the final delivery phase.
  • Generate a barcode when goods are announced in the system.
  • Share information (delivery , collection, incident notices) from the AP+ and Ci5 Cargo Community Systems with the GPS receiver for groupage/break bulk and handling of conventional goods via barcodes.

The Galena project is part of the Smart Ports/Smart Cities concept and optimises goods transit throughout the final delivery phase by using new technologies and getting stakeholders to work together.