Channel 5

Channel 5: Artificial Intelligence for the Ports of the Future

What is it? An information channel and goods management decision-making system for port communities.

Purpose: make supply chains stronger and more resilient:

  • Overview of port system status and gate traffic
  • Overview of planned import and export goods flows at sea port terminals
  • Problem detection and troubleshooting
  • Reduction or prevention of port congestion

Who is it for? All ports handling containers, conventional goods, and ro-ro.

Users: port authorities, terminal operators, haulers, freight forwarders, shipping agents, IS managers, and indirectly, the city and road users.

How does it work?

Channel 5 uses various sources to capture and merge data that can impact goods flows: Port/ Cargo Community System, port/customs information systems/TOS, weather and road traffic information systems, socioeconomic or operational information, IoT.

Data is then fed into an Artificial Intelligence engine while taking into account activity-based rules to assess whether operations are under control or disturbed, and determine which players are affected.  Channel 5 then immediately offers alternatives in response to any difficulties.


  • Real-time and predicted port status: in-coming and out-going terminal traffic, system and traffic problem detection,
  • Port status forecasting: volume of goods expected for each period, traffic congestion forecasting, system maintenance alerts.
  • Troubleshooting: exceptional procedures, proposed operational alternatives, proposed standard corrective actions


  • Cut operating costs for users, as they become more efficient,
  • Reduce the environmental impact of goods transport,
  • Make the port community stronger and more resilient.

Partner: CEA Tech for the Artificial Intelligence engine.