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Objective: provide full track and trace and increased security for container goods during transport.

Players involved: Traxens, MGI, GREENMODAL Transport, research laboratories and SMEs specialised in the design of special microprocessors, energy recovery systems and M2M connectivity solutions.


4 Trax is a smart patch on the container that provides location information throughout transport and on any events occurring between shipment and arrival (movements, impacts or intrusion, administrative status, etc.).

4 Trax ensures that:

  • The end client is kept informed in almost real time of any events affecting its container (location, administrative status, impacts, etc.)
  • The shipment is protectedagainst corruption and forged legal documents thanks to administrative and commercial information
  • The carbon footprint of goods is measured and communicated to owners

Technology used:Secure Encrypted Radio Network, M2M GPRS, mobile application, EDI/XML, web services.

The role of MGI is to:

  • Improve the performance and security of in-port goods transit by incorporating the data provided by AP+ into 4 Trax.
  • Upgrade AP+ by incorporating the latest needs of professionals, such as event alerts or goods location, into the application.
  • Increase the scope of information availability by taking into accountport operations that happen before and after AP+.

4 Trax is accredited by the SCS (Solutions Communicantes Sécurisées) and Pôle Mer clusters andco-funded by the French FUI (Single Interministerial Fund), with the support of the French Directorate-General of Customs,the PACA Logistique cluster and Regional Centre for Innovation and Technological Transfer in Transport and Logistics.