Illustration M-customs

M-customs functionalities

M-customs, the solution based on the principle of social networks: information sharing and confidentiality

M-customs, an Import Control System solution, was developed to enable all operators to share the creation of ENSs while preserving the confidentiality of their commercial data.

M-customs was the first solution that enabled members to share information issued on the market when the ICS regulations became effective.

ENS and arrival notification

  • Creation, duplication, and edition of ENSs
  • Management of diverted ENSs
  • Tracking/Tracing ENSs
  • Conversion of files into the standard formats imposed by European customs authorities
  • Arrival notification

Presentation of goods

  • Early Presentation Notification
  • Verification of the physical presence of goods
  • Summary declaration for temporary storage

Exit Summary Declaration (EXS)

  • Creation of EXS and transmission to the port of departure