Business Intelligence

Decisional IT offering users a strategic overview and activity management approach: using dashboard, KPIs and statistics taken from the information system.

Activity Monitoring

Real-time overview of the situation and offers door-to-door goods tracking:  

  • Ship localisation and estimated time of arrival
  • Messages to authorise actions or to warn of operational anomalies
  • The file tracking reports

Fast Lane

Using advance authorisation to simplify logistics with automatically generated operations.

Fast Lane application :
  • Priority treatment is given to bookings placed with the terminal via the terminal operator's system
  • Transfer requests for customs/veterinary/phytosanitary inspections can be sent early, to be ready when the goods arrive


Operates in conjunction with all existing or future systems and can integrate all supply chain operators. The software offers the following functions:

  • Multi-ports: Ci5 offers a single log-in for operators working across several port communities
  • Multi-modal: Ci5 handles all modes of transport, sea, air and land
  • Door-to-door: the software interfaces with all proprietary and public systems, to track goods from the moment they are packed into the container to unpacking
  • Multi-channels: Ci5 incorporates all information sources, all types of system and all message formats (e.g. specific solutions, ship operator portals, PCSs and CCSs and all other information systems)

User centric

Focused on the user's business and activities. With a modular approach, custom displays and predictive text entry, the software saves time and makes users' lives easier.

User centered design applications:

  • Customization of screen views based on activities
  • Multilingual system
  • Ci5 compatibility with all traffic types
  • Predictive, intuitive data entry
  • Simplified search
  • Quick search engine incorporated in the application