Objective: set up the AP+ Cargo Community System for the port of Longoni in Mayotte.

Signing of the framework agreement: 8 November 2011 between MGI and the Union Maritime de Mayotte (Mayotte Maritime Federation)

Implementation date: 5 June 2012

Project leader : Union Maritime de Mayotte


  • Types of traffic: Containers, bulk goods, home removals
  • Port traffic in 2013: 16,000 TEUs
  • Port entities: shipping companies, freight forwarders, terminal operators, the Army


  • The various bodies in Mayotte's port community
  • Mayotte Port Authority
  • Mayotte's regional customs authority


  • Uniting all the stakeholders around the project
  • A local entity, ICM+ (Information Communautaire Mayotte) was created in April 2012, at the initiative of the Union Maritime de Mayotte and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry. 2 people are available locally for project monitoring and user support
  • Transitioning to a paperless system


  • Audit
The audit of port processes identified certain specific characteristics for the Port of Longoni. The customs did not have the DELTA system for the declarations, so the accounting system was updated in order to send cargo clearance bill information to AP+.

The Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which runs the port, issued goods clearance authorisation. In AP+, a Release Authorisation feature was added, to allow the Chamber of Commerce to issue authorisation. The Release Authorisation and customs clearance warrant are mandatory for all goods leaving the port area.

Deployment of AP+ required access to high-speed broadband Internet, which was rolled out in 2012 in Mayotte.

  • Information Technology

    • Interfaces with terminal operator private systems, OSCAR and shipping agents
    • Management and maintenance by MGI from Marseille
    • Declaration integrated directly by the customs accounting system
  • Customer training/support
    • Number of companies trained: 36
    • Number of people trained: 82 in 2013 (shipping agents, freight forwarding agents, customs staff)
    • Local telephone hotline managed by ICM+.  MGI provides second-tier support.


  • More reliable and secure information
  • Productivity gains through forward-looking goods management
  • A port community working together using its Cargo Community System (CCS)


  • Implementation of DELTA and ECS (Export Control System) customs systems
  • Creation of individual batch Release Warrants. This upgrade is now used by other port communities


The Mayotte port community has been inspired by the Port of Marseille-Fos and is currently drafting a quality guide. The aim is to describe import and export procedures at the port and to define best practices for AP+ users.

Mayotte's port and logistics community is interested in implementing the AP+ air freight module, AirPort+, at Pamandzi airport. An audit of airport processes is planned for late 2014.