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AP+ Port Community System: fluidity, security and traceability of good

AP+ Port Community System covers all of the operations related to the transit of goods through ports, from the moment they are announced until the moment they leave the port area.

Management: all users can now manage their goods flows thanks to import and export freight management with access to real-time information

thanks to the optimisation and dematerialisation of logistics processes and those related to the professions, goods are transited smoothly.

Safety/Security: integration of the regulatory requirements in terms of safety and security, risk analysis.

Tracking/tracing: real-time monitoring of the positioning and status of goods while ensuring data confidentiality.

Private professionals benefit in terms of efficiency and productivity:

  • Dematerialisation of documents
  • Automation of administrative, customs and commercial procedures
  • Interoperability between users’ information systems and AP+

Integration of the regulatory requirements concerning safety and security: ECS/ICS

Use of the AP + Port Community System provides customs with a tool to recover information and target goods as part of fraud prevention.

AP+, complete management of all flows of goods

  • 100% coverage of import, export and transhipment traffic
  • Management of all types of goods: container, bulk, ro-ro, dangerous goods
  • Management of control formalities: customs, scanning, veterinary and phytosanitary

AP+ meets the World Customs Organization (WCO) and the United Nations (UN/CEFACT) information exchange standards.