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MGI presents AirPort+ to IPCSA

Dominique Lebreton, MGI Audits, Projects and Marketing Director, presented AirPort+ to IPCSA (International Port Community Systems Association) on 8 March at an IPCSA members' meeting in Barcelona.AirPort+ was first deployed in May 2011 at Aimé Césaire airport in Martinique. The Martinique logistics community was already using the AP+ Cargo…

Published on 27 March 2017

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Presentation of Ci5 at the B’Lading Club

On Thursday 25 February, Jaap van den Hoogen, President of the MGI Executive Board, and Dominique Lebreton, Audits, Projects and Marketing Director at MGI, presented Ci5 at the monthly meeting of the B'Lading Club.Alain Maliverney, Head of the Rhône region for Logirhone and Chair of B'Lading, introduced the dinner discussion on the new Ci5 (Cargo…

Published on 01 March 2016

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Editorial - Ci5 - The Core Version is finalised

By Jaap van den Hoogen, President of MGI's executive board Dear readers,The Ci5 Core Version is in its test phase. The application's five main modules are now operational: Transport-Vessel, Cargo, Authorisation-Customs, Terminal Warehouse, and Activity Monitoring. Since the beginning of September the Service, Schedule, Call, Manifest, Booking…

Published on 10 October 2016

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MGI presents the AP+ shipper menu at l’UPE 13

Fabrine Frestel, MGI Quality and Performance Manager presented the AP+ shipper menu on Wednesday 21 October to the UPE 13 Shippers Club in Marseille.The shippers club, chaired by Bruno Tremolet, managing director of SICATEC, brings together freight users and client companies around the port of Marseille Fos.The shipper menu was launched by MGI in…

Published on 03 November 2015

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90% of VGM declarations are made directly in AP+

©KalmarIn September, over 90% of containers loaded in Marseille Fos port came with a VGM declaration made via the AP+ Cargo Community System.The AP+ VGM function has enabled professionals to comply with the SOLAS regulation since it came into force on 1 July, by declaring the weight of containers via the VERMAS EDI message, or more recently, in…

Published on 07 October 2016

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AP+ open to shippers

The AP+ Cargo Community System Shipper Menu is now available !It was developed at the request of the Ministery for Foreign Trade. A working group headed by the French Directorate-General of Customs and Indirect Taxes (DGDDI), made of the French Freight Transport Users Association (AUTF), the Forwarding Agents Federation and others professional…

Published on 02 October 2015

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Information meeting about VGM in AP+ CCS

Around 200 representatives of shippers, shipping agents, freight forwarders and terminal operators from the Marseille-Fos port community attended the VGM (Verified Gross Mass) information meetings held by MGI and UMF in late June and early July at the World Trade Center in Marseille.UMF spoke on SOLAS regulations and their impact on logistics…

Published on 08 July 2016

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AP+ training: refresher courses before the summer

  During the summer, companies have to replace staff away for the holidays with other personnel. Replacement staff may have difficulty managing some tasks, like using AP+, but this software is essential for managing import and export goods. MGI organised some half-day training sessions in Marseille in order to ensure that AP+ continues to…

Published on 30 June 2015

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Ci5 presentation at SITL

AP+ becomes Ci5, Are you ready for the future?Ci5 presentation at SITL, Paris Villepinte, 22-25 march After the launch of Ci5 in Marseille on 3 December 2015, Jaap van den Hoogen, President of the MGI Executive Board, and Dominique Lebreton, Audits, Projects and Marketing Director and Alain Perez, CIO, will present Ci5 at the International Week…

Published on 11 March 2016

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MGI workshop of AP+ users

On Tuesday 10 February, MGI organised an "AP+ user workshop" in Paris, bringing together its clients from port communities across France and its overseas departments and territories.Representatives from French Guiana, Mayotte, Dunkirk, Bordeaux and Marseille attended at MGI's invitation.Customs officials from the various port communities also took…

Published on 16 February 2015

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